Problems From Hitting At Batting Cages

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Believe it or now, a lot of baseball players avoid machine fed batting cages. In a recent discussion with a player, he said he was having problems with hitting after going to a batting cage. He’s not the only one to experience this.

This particular player said that he hit really well the first round at the batting cages, but then every round following he got progressively worse. He had a hard time hitting the ball correctly or with proper mechanics. He grew tired quickly and couldn’t give full effort for each pitch.

There are some important things you should know about batting cages. First, one token gives you approximately 25 balls to hit, with a ball pitched every five seconds or less. So you have about two minutes to finish the round. If you do three or four rounds you’ll hit a lot of balls in a very short amount of time.

Because of this, you can get tired very quickly. This is not considered quality hitting practice. The best way to practice hitting is with a live pitcher because it is the most natural. But, if you do decide to visit a batting cage, remember these tips.

  • Hit just one round – Focus on quality swings.
  • Rest for five to 10 minutes – Stand up, walk around or sit for a while.
  • Hit another round – Hit the ball to all fields.
  • Don’t wear yourself out – This isn’t a competition so pace yourself.
  • Focus on seeing the ball – These will be fastballs most likely so pick up the ball with your eyes as soon as you can. Get your timing down.
  • Practice good mechanics – This is a great opportunity to fix or tweak any mechanics you’ve been having issues with. Iron those out with batting practice so you’re ready to go for the games.

I gave these baseball hitting tips to the player who was struggling. He was encouraged that he wasn’t losing his skills and his mechanics weren’t slipping. He was just getting tired by hitting so many times in a row. » Read more: Problems From Hitting At Batting Cages

The Importance of Baseball Training

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What do baseball players and coaches think about during the off season? Well, in recent discussions I learned that one major topic of conversation was baseball training. Coaches want to encourage their players to participate in baseball training and many players want to use that time to prepare for next year.

Many players decide to use the off season to improve on their playing skills. They want to play better when the next spring season arrives. To do this, a lot of kids choose to play fall ball or they participate in winter baseball camps. They want as much training as possible, not only to improve their skills but also so they don’t lose the skills they already have.

It’s a good idea that all high school players consider year round baseball training. Even the younger players (ages 12-14) would benefit from wanting to take their skills to the next level. With the proper training, they would be more prepared for high school baseball.

If you’re concerned about cold weather, there are indoor facilities available all over the country. In addition, a lot of schools allow student athletes to practice in the gym at certain times. I’ve even seen advertisements that offer up to three day clinics during the off season at reasonable prices.

If you’re in the middle of a season, take advantage of this time by improving yourself and gaining valuable experience. Find some time between games and practice to get in as much baseball training as you can. This will help you in the summer and fall seasons.

You should also consider a baseball specific workout, conditioning and a healthy nutrition program. These will all help you. If you eat poorly during the off season you’ll be able to tell in the spring. You need to be lean and strong to play well, so be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats like avocados.

You can also benefit from baseball training by reading and watching baseball materials. Baseball is about half mental so it doesn’t just require physical practice. Look into buying good baseball hitting books and study them carefully. You’ll find plenty of great tips to help you in your situation. Also watch professional games carefully to see how the pros play. » Read more: The Importance of Baseball Training